FAQ:How To Buy Kigurumi

There are frequentry-asked questions that where people outside Japan can buy kigurumi.

A kigurumi is made up three parts: mask, hadatai and outfit. hadatai is flesh-colored zentai. I Natsuki got my masks and hadatai, the former is made by Sigma and the latter Ayame Store. In March 2011 they don't ship their products internationally. If you live outside Japan you cannot buy their mask or hadatai. You may get them if you live in Japan, can speak Japanese and have a Japanese bank account.

I suppose you are able to take more useful advices from kigurumi player outside Japan.

Also about my handiworks which show in SKA(ex. breast cleavage), I won't be available for request to make them for anyone.


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  1. I found this site based in the US that sells animal kigurumi suits. Maybe this will help some people out who are looking for a local store — kigurumi-shop.com

    My thoughts and prayers go to Japan.

  2. Thank you for the informative post.
    I think of you and everyone in Japan and hope for the best.
    I will donate for the Red Cross since it is the best way I can help.

    Hopefully someday I will be able to buy a kigurumi mask and hadatai.

  3. Ayame does not sell overseas and never did. Kawaii,ltd however has an agreement with Ayame to sell hadatai to customers of of Kawaii, ltd.

  4. ayamestore stopped selling to overseas? my hadatai come from ayame, and they are really high quality….i hope he starts selling overseas again

  5. I truly hope that Japan can pass through this disaster and be strong again…
    Worrying the situation there, I donated to Red Cross, hope it helps…

    Purchasing Kigurumi is still my dream… though it’s a dream far far away in another galaxy…